Name: Kayla Synz

The Story:

I first heard of Kayla when a girl that I was dating talked about doing a video with her on a video shoot for some adult company. And then after couple of months, a friend of mine told me again about her and how I should featured her on the site. He told me he had partied with her in private and that she was a genuine swinger where her boyfriend enjoys watching her or knowing of situations where she is with other guys. So my friend passed on her email to me, and I sent her a note back in November or December. And I almost hooked up with her back then, but for some last minute thing, we had to postponed. And it was not until just a few weeks ago that I finally got together with Kayla at my place.

She told me she came from a very regular, almost conservative background. And that her boyfriend had made her go "wild" recently. She told me she first tried girls and then guys, but that the main focus for them at this point was Kayla being with other men, in one on one situations or with groups of men. She is very sexy and she has a beautiful ass, so I agreed with her boyfriend in that she should be shared with other men :)

After getting to know each other for a while, we started to fool around and take some pictures. And then I fucked her in my living room and then on my bed, where in the end I shot my big load of cum I had been saving for her deep inside her pussy. She told me she really enjoyed cum in her, and she wanted me to cum in her again but I had to run to do something else. So we have stayed in touch since, and next time she said she wanted to bring her boyfriend so we could double team her.. so I am already looking forward to that.


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