Name: KC James

The Story:

Back in March, Tony took a few days to travel to Florida to go to the music festival they have in Miami and to check out the swing scene as well since he had never been to Miami before. Well unfortunately for him, he didn't have enough time to do everything he wanted and was only able to stop and check out a swing club for an hour before it closed for the night. He did manage to meet a married couple and during the converation, he told them about the website and left an open invitation for the wife.

Mrs KC James has been married to her husband for 15 years and told Tony that her and her husband met while she was a stripper. He would always go to the strip club to watch her tease and flirt with other men and she enjoyed the attention of all the patrons. Once they realized what they had in common, they hit it off rather quickly and were married soon after. However, both wanted more and sadly it took 10 years for them to both confess that Mrs. James should be doing more than just teasing and flirting with other men.

Now that they are open, Mrs James enjoys multiple lovers, both male and female, while Mr. James likes to watch her with other men. When Mrs James had some time off work, she flew to LA to take Tony up on his offer to appear on the website. Since Tony knew she enjoyed women as well, he made sure his assistant would be there to join in on the fun. Tony and his assistant had much fun double teaming Mrs. James and once Tony knew that she was satisfied, he blew his load. His cum ran down her sexy ass and into her gaping pussy, like a creampie in reverse!


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