Name: Kora

The Story:

Kora is a horny slut girlfriend that was visiting California few weeks ago. She is new to the lifestyle and she is glad she has a man that understand her needs. She was in California exploring the possibility of doing her own website and she ended up staying with my friend and that is how I met her. She said she has always been sexual and that she loves to show off for her man and for herself and that she was looking forward to playing with many guys. So once she got settled down, she did this video for me.

I was supposed to get together with her too but we were short on time. But hopefully next time she is in town, I'll get a chance to do her. Several of my friends have fucked her already and they all tell me she loves to fuck, so I am hoping she will be back soon too. Maybe next time we can do a gangbang with her too.


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