Name: Lake Russell 2

The Story:

I took these pictures and videos when I was in New Zealand a few weeks ago. As some of you already know, I met Lake around December when she was in Los Angeles for few weeks and I got together with her then with her husband's approval. And this time I was in her city and she showed me around too, so it was great to have gotten together with her over there.

Her husband was cool too and although he was with us for part of the day, he basically let her take me out of a date. So we spent some time together and I did this video back at the apartment I rented in downtown Auckland. We went to sight see that day first and after doing that for a while we got back to my place. It was already around 8-9pm I remember but since it is summer down there, it felt like it was the afternoon. Anyway, we got naked once there and we went at it for quite some time.

Lake has a very sexy body and she is a very sensual woman, so it was hard for me to stop doing her. It felt really good being deep inside her and giving her lots of cum. After that night I left for Australia but hopefully she will come to California again sometime soon.


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