Name: Lake Russell

The Story:

One of my plans for 2008 was to travel to New Zealand and Australia and I was recently posting ads for hot wives and girlfriends in the region for off or on camera fun and to my luck, Lake responded to me and she happened to be visiting Los Angeles for business. She was actually attending meeting just five minutes from where I live, so I told her that maybe after she was done with the business part of her trip we could get together and get to know each other. And last week, I finally met up with her.

I went to pick her up at the office building where she was having her business meetings and from there we went to have a few drinks and then took her home. She was hot and horny and she had not had any cock for days since her hubby is back home in New Zealand so we really had a good time. I fucked her off camera first for a long time and then off camera some more. Basically, we couldn't stop fucking. And I hope we can hook up again soon when I go to New Zealand, which will be in 2-3 weeks. I've never been to New Zealand so it will be nice not only to visit but to meet up with Lake and some of her hot Kiwi swinger girlfriends.


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