Name: Lara James

The Story:

Lara is a hot wife I met when I was in Australia couple of weeks ago. I didn't know her at all before going to Australia but couple of days before going, I stated to send out lots of emails to women I could fuck on or off camera and Lara was interested. She told me she and her husband found the site hot and that he was starting to get into the role of the passive husband where his wife is out of control, almost like a cuckhold but not quite. I wasn't 100% sure if I was going to be able to meet Lara since I did not have that much time in Australia, but she tempted me so much I ended up flying out to Melbourne just to meet up with her. And the funny thing is that I didn't even get to see the city at all, I saw the airport and the nearest hotel. I originally wanted to spend more time there since Stacy (the other Aussie wife on the site) is from there, but since Stacy lives in Florida right now, I decided to spend more time in other cities.

Anyway, I ended up meeting Lara at the hotel bar and after half an hour of talking, we came up to the room and I started to fuck her. She really enjoys showing off and simply loves to fuck. Also, she loves it in the ass so after doing her pussy first I started to fuck her ass a lot and I could see in her face how much she loves my hard cock going in and out her hot ass. In fact, it was so hot looking at her while doing her anally that I couldn't help but give her a creamy load inside her ass. My dick was still hard after cumming inside her ass and I just kept on fucking her there and watching my cum drip out of her ass as I fucked her again to give her more cum inside. And after a few hous, she went back home to tell her hubby all about it and I barely slept that night since I took the earliest flight possible to go to New Zealand. So in all, it was definitely worth the trip and I am sure I will do her again some day. She told me I could help her do a site, so we'll see. Just too bad I can't be there to fuck her myself some more.


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