Name: Lauren

The Story:

Lauren's current boyfriend has had a fantasy of seeing her get fucked on camera for about 3 years but never wanted to do it himself, because he is a high profile business person and couldn't risk it. He convinced her to do a video shoot for our website because he loves the idea of seeing her used by other guys and seeing it on the internet is a huge turn on for him. He was present during the filming of the scene but wanted to remain completely anonymous. He wanted for us to pretend that she is a masseuse because he has a particular masseuse that he sees on a regular basis that he has wanted to fuck forever. Lauren was somewhat hesitant about it but decided to go through with it to please her man. She said she may never do anything like it again, but that if it would satisfy her boyfriend's huge fantasy, she would do it this one time. We are glad she decided to "take the plunge". We gave them a personal copy of the video to watch at home since he couldn't wait for this to appear on the website.


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