Name: Lavender

The Story:

Lavender is a slut girlfriend I met on my trip to the East Coast last month. She has a boyfriend that gets off to her being slutty and she is barely getting into the lifestyle. I met her online when I was out there looking for girls to model for my other sites and it was a coincidence that she fit the profile of the girls I like to put on this site. She has never done anything like this and her boyfriend really wants her to get out there and fuck lots of guys on and off camera.

Her boyfriend came over to my hotel room at the place in New Jersey where I was staying and I took her to the stadium nearby to take some pictures of her while he waited in the hotel room. So I took her to a more quiet place and I took some pictures of her there. Lavender has a good pair of tits, 36DD to be exact, and in no time and I was sucking on them tities. there were some cars passing by here and there but not enough to make me stuff fondling her in the open and sucking on her tits. I then took her to a place where I could turn my video camera on (it was windy and it was messing up the sound of the video) and we went to a place behind an office/trailer and she started to suck my cock right there. I had her there on her knees for like 15 minutes and she was so good at it I ended up blowing a load in her mouth there.

I then took her back to my hotel room where the boyfriend had been waiting and I stated to fuck her in front of him. I fucked her there for a bit of half an hour and her boyfriend kept on encouraging me to cum inside her pussy, so as the courteous swinger that I am, I blew another load inside her vagina. It felt so good cumming inside her and after that I fucked her a little bit more until I came again for the third time. I then had to leave to the airport and left them both in the room and I am pretty sure he finished her off after I left.



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