Name: Leah Lust

The Story:

Leah is a hot wife from Florida who actually made headlines in the local papers and news because of her lifestyle. Basically, she was a teacher at a high school in a somewhat conservative city in Florida. And on her spare time she would do risque things here and there and one time she ended up posing in provocative bikini pictures and when the school found out, they ended up letting her go. So Leah is now embracing her lifestyle fully and not putting up with the double standard and she decided to come to California to try out adult modeling. So we ended up getting in touch with her and here is Tony (who is a very lucky man btw) fucking Leah really good on her first time on camera.

I am not sure how many times she came, I lost count. And all I could think of when I was editing the video is how much I would have enjoyed fucking her as I can tell she just loves to fuck. And best of all, her husband encourages her and finds her lovers too..


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