Name: Mae Victoria

The Story:

Mae Victoria is someone's girlfriend who loves to fuck around on him (he knows). They don't really plan things out and she usually tells him only after she has been out dates or one night stands, which she said keeps her relationship really hot. I actually did not get to meet her because I was in Australia when this video was done. But my friend Andrew and Jay got her contact info and they ended up doing her.

They went to pick her up right after work and they took her home to do this video. She said she is on the shy side but at the same time she is extremly sexual, so when she is horny she will do crazy things. So after getting to the place, they both started playing with her and did her for hours. She then went back home and I am sure she told her boyfriend what she had just done after work. Too bad (for him) he had to wait all this time to actually see the videos and the pictures of his girlfriend fucking around on him.


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