Name: Mandy Sweet

The Story:

Mandy Sweet is a 31 year old woman from California with a very classical, hour-glass shaped figure made up of nice sized tits and wide hips accompanied by an awesome ass.

She contacted us because she wanted to make a sex-video; she told us that its one of those things that a lot of women are doing to “prove” their liberation, freedom, equality and show that they are in total control of their life. During the interview, she mentioned that she has a boyfriend, but that she doesn’t know, or for that matter, care if her boyfriend finds out she is making a sex tape; he will have to deal with it on his own if he finds out. She said she is a very sexually liberated woman and does whatever and whomever she wants to do.

For the ending, she requested that the focus be on her face because she didn’t want it to ruin her make up; she also wanted to show her sexual prowess so she asked to swallow. Tony warned her that he has a very large load, which she actually took on as a challenge; when it came, she was still surprised but she managed to swallow it all.


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