Name: Marilyn Scott

The Story:

Marilyn Scott is a possibly the only girl on the site that doesn't have a boyfriend or husband but I wanted to have her on video anyway because she is so damn hot! she has flawless tits and a hot curvy body that would make any man want to fuck her all the time. And in addition she is adventurous and slutty too so she is a great potential slut girlfriend or wife for the next lucky man that gets her attention. She was in California visiting from Texas and she wanted to do some modeling on the sites, so Tony set up an audition for her to come him to show us the goods. And after meeting with her for a short while, he shot the video we see here.

I am not sure when she will be back to California but we sure hope soon as she is willing to try more things and be a total slut on (and off) camera. I'd love to fuck her myself next time I see her..


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