Name: Melanie Monroe

The Story:

Mellanie is a super hot girlfriend from Texas that the guys met earlier this year in Las Vegas at the adult convention. She was there with her boyfriend and they were both checking out the event there. And the guys ended doing a gangbang with her recently when she was in California visiting. And here she is with JJ who is the one that found her in Las Vegas.

I actually did not want to be holding camera on this one as I knew I was going to be really turned on by her. In fact she wanted me to fuck her on camera but since I made a deal with myself to stop doing fucking on camera, I resisted as much as I could... but I ended up doing her just a bit off camera. I mean, how can any man resist a woman like her. Not only that but she loves it when you cum inside her.. I need to find me someone like her to creampie every night.


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