Name: Mia

The Story:

Mia is a hot girlfriend from South Carolina that came to California to do modeling for car magazines. She had been with other guys besides her man but she didn't really think of it as swinging but rather just being slutty. So on her stay here, she met a friend of a friend and he suggested she tried doing more than just bikini modeling. So she was game and I ended up meeting with her. She told me she is basically horny all the time and that her boyfriend, actually none of her ex-bf's included, could keep up with her so she was always in need of a man. Also, she said she really enjoyed getting fucked in the ass and when she said that I was like.. let's go now! lol.

So after meeting her, I got a place nearby and took her to the room so we could do this video.. And before I could even finish taking pictures I already had my cock inside her. She meant what she said and I don't think she even cared that much about the video, she just wanted to fuck.. so I did her for a while that afternoon and I ended up injected her ass with several loads just like she wanted it.


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