Name: Mia

The Story:

Mia is a hot wife I've known for quite a while, about 2/3 years actually. I met her and her husband at Thad's, a swing club in San Diego on a greedy girls night and I eventually ended up setting up a gangbang for her that is posted on WCGB. Mia is simply oversexed and she is multi orgasmic on top of that. She said she didn't really discovered how slutty she was until she came to America. She divorced her boring hubby and got herself an American husband who ended up being a cuckhold. So she fucks her lovers and many other guys because in her own words "her husband can't get it up and is a wimp". She usually has pictures or videos to show him and he gets off on the humiliation of his masculinity by having his wife fuck whoever she wants and bring home lovers as well.

So after not seeing Mia for the longest time, I found her number on my old cell and called her up so she could be on the site. She said she had not been properly fucked for a while and that she was in need of at least two cocks, so I invited her over to my place on the weekend and got my friend to join in as well. She was so happy to see us and even more happy when she saw we had hard dicks for her even before she had taken her clothes off. She kept on saying how she could not get cock at home because her husband was such wimp and how she enjoyed younger and harder cocks. She sucked cock with gusto and when we started to fuck her, she started to cum right away. I am not really sure how many times she came, but I think it must have been like 6-8 times. Mia truly loves cock and it shows.

After fucking her for a while, my friend came inside her first and then I kept on fucking her until I came all over Mia's face. She then grabbed me to the shower and I started to fuck her there again. My friend couldn't help it so he got to fuck her too again until we came again all in her. Then she cleaned up a bit but not her pussy. She said she was going straight home to feed her wimpy husband the mess we made inside her pussy.



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