Name: Natasha

The Story:

I actually met Natasha by chance when I placed an ad looking for models for another site that I am working on ( She is from Russia and she married an American guy who brought her to the US few years ago and from the beginning he encouraged her to have sex with his friends and other men. Also, he suggested she should try some adult modeling to see if she liked it. And in the beginning she was comfortable only by being nude but not really having sex on camera, but after we met and I did a masturbation video with Natasha, she opened up and she felt comfortable enough to be on video with me.

So after a week or so of fist meeting her, she came over again to my place to have some fun on camera. her hubby was very excited that she was going to be featured on the site and they have been actually looking forward to Natasha's appearance here. Anyway, she came over and we made some small talk about Russia and about my desire to travel there and what not, and then we started to fool around. Natasha has a curvy body and a nice round ass and that is what I was enjoying by rubbing my cock all over it. Then we took some pictures and I started the video. She told me her hubby wanted to fuck her with me, but he was too camera shy so I had her all to myself, which is absolutely fine with me. So II fucked her on and off camera for like two hours and I came couple of times with Natasha.

I told her I wanted to see her again so maybe one of these days they will invite me over to their place so I can fuck her again.



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