Name: Olivia

The Story:

One of the my favorite how wives of all time has to be Olivia. The woman is just hot and horny all the time and we have the best time every time we get together. This time I met her at her home when I was visiting the North East. I was pressed on time but Olivia was very accommodating and so was her husband. I was able to only meet her on a Sunday and the hubby was nice enough to not only let me fuck his wife and creampie her, but he took the family that was visiting them out to the mall so I could cum over to their place and fuck Olivia there.

Olivia was particularly horny that day because in her own words she did not get enough cock the night before and she had been anxiously waiting for me to visit her. And without much talking, we pretty much got down to it couple of minutes after I came to her house. She was dressed all slutty and was wearing these black see thru nylons just for me, she wanted me to basically take her and rip open her nylons and just fuck her. And that's exactly what I did but not before tasting her pink pussy and her sucking on my cock for a long time, she was so hot and wet that she made me extra hard and I loved every second I was with her.

I ripped a hole in her nylons after all the oral and she begged me to fuck her, I first rubbed my dick on her dripping wet pussy first to tease her a bit and she just couldn't take it anymore and grabbed my cock so she could shove it inside her. I then started to fuck her hard like she likes it and I pounded and pounded until she started to cum. I don't know how many times she came but it was at least 3-4 times. And after she came several times it was myn turn and she wanted to swallow my cum but I didn't want to do that, I wanted to cum deep in her first and then feed her my cum mixed with her juices, so I did it deep inside her and it was just great seeing her expressions as I filled her up. But that was not the end of it, I kept on fucking her creampied pussy for couple more hours until I had to go catch my plane.

I don't know when I will be seeing her next, but I know I will be seeing Olivia for a long time to cum. I simply can not get enough of her.



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