Name: Paige  

Location: Los Angeles

The Story:

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So after fucking her a few times we finally got around to doing the shoot for my site. Paige is a very sexy woman and I just loved how she dresses up when we get together to fuck. She likes to wear heels and panty hoses because that makes her feel sexy and she enjoys being fucked while wearing them too. And this time, I invited my friend (not the one that met her) to help me fuck this hot wife. We went out to dinner first, had some good wine, and then took her home where she became our slut. After a few pictures, Paige was down on her knees sucking cock like a good slut wife and then we just proceeded to fuck her for a long time. We took turns on her pussy and mouth and she would had given up her ass too but she said she had not come prepared for that so we just stuck to her pussy. After fucking about an hour I came deep in her pussy and then we just kept on fucking her creamed cunt. We fucked and fucked until she made me cum again and my friend as well. Paige is so hot and you will be seeing a lot more of her.




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