Name: Persia Pele

The Story:

Persiaís husband contacted us and said that he canít remember ever seeing a hot Persian female on the site and that he wanted to change that. He told us that he loves seeing her appear on as many websites as possible and that he would love see her on this website as well. Risking a lot of hate-mail, we decided to go ahead and set something up with this middle-eastern hot wife.

Persia is in her late 30s and although she is Persian, she grew up in the Los Angeles area so she is very Americanized and has no hangups with being sexual with many partners. She showed up ready to go and was soon naked, sucking and fucking Tony like the very experienced swinger she is. During the video, Persia sends special messages to her husband so you will have to bear with that but itís a small price to pay to see this hot wife shared.

Anyways, Tony fucked Persia for a good hour before having to release his sperm on her ass. Although he would have liked to have cum inside her, Persia said that she is trying to get pregnant and is not on birth-control so she is only letting her husband do that right now. Even though Tony fucks another manís wife, he is still very respectful and a true gentleman.


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