Name: Racquel

The Story:

Raquel is the girlfriend of an aquaintance I have. He knews that I had websites and that I did a lot of swinging events and one day we got around to talk about stuff and he mentioned he enjoyed watching his girlfriend do other guys and that she was trying to do adult videos. So I told him to bring his girlfriend over so we could have her on the site doing my friends. Initially we were doing to do 2/3 guys and her but since she wanted to go slow, we did one guy first with her.

Her boyfriend was there the whole time watching his girlfriend get fucked and he really enjoyed it. She is a natural slut so she enjoys fucking a lot so what better than to have the cake and eat it too by having an understanding and loving boyfriend and fucking as many guys as she can. In the end my friend fucked her really good plus nutted inside her horny pussy so she could take some of him back home.


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