Name: Ricky White

The Story:

Ricky is a girl I was dating few months back after the guys introduced me to her after a swinger party. She was not technically my girlfriend, so in that sense this update deviates from the theme. However, we were dating and I liked her because I enjoy seeing her being slutty. I liked how she dressed all hot to go to the store and see how much attention she got from all the guys that wanted to fuck her. So in several occasions, I set her up with friends to come fuck her. And in this particular occasion, we got invited to the playboy mansion for a private party. And after fucking her and some other girls at the mansion, she brought back a guy to my place so we could double team her after the party.

I let him fuck her for a while and then I jumped in to give her more cock. And at one point, we tried double penetrating her ass and pussy but it didn't work out since Ricky has a very tight ass. But I let the guy have fun with her and apparently the alcohol affected him after a while because he couldn't finish, so I finished her off by myself. I fucked her a lot that night and we didn't stop until dawn. Few weeks after this video, we sort of went our separate ways since we were both too busy. But every now and then we talk on the phone and I am sure we'll get together soon again.


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