Name: Robin

Location: California

The Story:

The story of Robin is pretty interesting one. She is a wife but she is more like a "slave slut wife", I guess you could call it a variation of the hot wife lifestyle. Basically her husband who is her Master contacted me about loaning me his slut wife for me to use for half a day. I had gotten requests for these type of hot wives in the past for gangbangs but this was the first time for this particular site, so I was glad he trusted me enough to loan his slut slave wife to me. The conditions were that I could do whatever I wanted with her but that I would see her only this one time and never again which sounded fair to me. Also, she had already been loaned several times this year already but this was the first time that it was going to become public.

So few days ago Robin got off work early and she came to my place as her Master husband told her too. I had never even talked to her expect for directions so it was interesting to see how submissive and obedient she was. And since I am experienced somewhat with subs, I treated her as such and without much talking I asked her to lift up her skirt so I could inspect her ass and pussy. She wasn't wearing anything as she is not allowed to (even when going to work at her office)  and I took a few pictures of her first. After a few still pictures, I told her to get on her knees and to open her mouth wide so I could shove my cock down her throat. She did it as told and I throat fucked her for a while, some gag reflex tears were dripping down her eyes as I trusted my cock onto her tonsils. I told her how much of a slut she was and she replied her job was to "I please cocks". So after doing that for few more minutes I turned her around and started to fuck her.

I fucked her slut pussy hard and fast and then took her to my bedroom to fuck her some more. She loved it and she enjoyed the fact that I was dominating her and making her feel used as a fuckhole. And after fucking her for about an hour I got this slut puppy on her knees and came all over face. I then had her clean up and I tied her to my bed and blindfolded her. I went out to get a drink and something to eat and when I came back she was still int the same position she was when I left her (legs wide open in missionary) and I kept on fucking her on and off until almost midnight in between eating, answering emails, watching TV, etc.. and at midnight she was released to her master and with a copy of the video tape to her Master so he could see how obedient she was.. I doubt I will ever see her again but if I do next time it will be a gangbang.

And btw, if you think this sounds like a crazy made up story, it is not.. at one point in my life I would not have believed this stuff myself but let me tell you, this stuff is out there.



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