Name: Roxanne

The Story:

Roxanne was visiting Los Angeles for a convention recently with her significant other and they came by my place to party in between convention days. She is fairly new to the lifestyle and this was her first time on video, so she was on the nervous side about it in the beginning. Originally they had wanted me to put together a 3-4 guys for her, but they later change their minds and wanted to go easy first since this was her first time. So I called up one of my friends and I had her fuck her for the video first. And he did a great job in warming her up, as she went from nervous to really horny towards the end of the night. My friend fucked her for a good while and he creampied her couple of times. After that, she took a break, had some drinks, and we all (me, my friend, and her guy) ended up fucking her some more and filling her up with lots of cum. Roxanne looks so conservative and proper with her business suit on, but she is a total slut.

After couple of days, they left LA and the plan is that next time they are visiting, we will fuck her again and perhaps we'll double the number of guys for her.


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