Name: Ruby

The Story:

Ruby is a very hot slut girlfriend who I met in Las Vegas last month around the convention time. She has a boyfriend who likes to see her fuck other guys and he contacted me about her when he saw that I was going to Las Vegas with the guys. He wanted to see her gangbanged but Ruby wanted to take it slow at first, so on our first meeting, we met at the hotel lounge of the Venetian and we talked there for a while. Her boyfriend wanted me to fuck her by myself first, so he suggested I take her to my room which I did. And once in the room, we havd couple of glasses of wine and we started to fuck. She was very nervous at first, but after the clothes were off, she started to really enjoy herself. And I fucked her for a while on and off camera and she loved it.

And after I fucked her on video, she stayed in the room and the boyfriend came by. She told him she had a great time and that she was ready for more guys, so I ended up calling my friends over and we all ended up gangbanging her that day. She was so hot, and she was so into it, that she came many times. I told Ruby after the party that we had to get together again, regularly if possible and she said I could go do her any time.. and I can't wait to put my cock deep inside her again.



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