Name: Ruby

The Story:

I got together with Ruby again about a month ago when I was in Las Vegas visiting for the day. I had been in touch with Ruby since the first time we met and I was really looking forward to seeing her again. The only issue that day was that I was very limited on time so I couldn't meet her at night so she had to come see me in her lunch break for an afternoon "quickie". And although I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked with Ruby, the time we did spend was intense and I really enjoying doing her. Her boyfriend was not even in town that day, so if I would have had more time I could have spent the night with her but I guess that will be some other time.

This time, as soon as I got the hotel room, she came up and we pretty much started fucking right away. She really enjoyed the gangbang I had arranged for her and it would turn her on even more when I told her I enjoyed seeing her taking cocks everywhere. Ruby is a natural slut and she just loves cock.. in all we probably fucked just over an hour and this time I came deep inside her pussy. I had been telling her how much I wanted to cum in her before we met, so this was sort of like our fantasy cumming true for this meeting.

After the meeting, I had to leave Vegas. And she called me just recently again but I am not due in LV just yet but I am sure looking forward to doing her again and again!! And btw, sorry for the blurry pictures. I had a setting that was off which I didn't notice when I was taking pictures. I get carried away with hot women, what can I say..


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