Name: Rusty Sage

The Story:

Rusty is a hot wife I met at the Red Rooster in Las Vegas when I was there at the convention last month. There were a lot of people at the club that night but there were mostly looking for couples or single girls, however, Rusty was looking for men to fuck her in front of her hubby and I ended up meeting/fucking her at the pool at the club. I told her about the site and surprisingly they both knew about it, I told her I could definitely feature her and she was very excited about it.

So the next day I planned to fuck her by myself first and the bring all the friends I could find in Las Vegas to cum fuck her. So I asked her to come to the hotel where I was staying and she came by herself while her husband stayed at the hotel. As soon as she got in, I started to fondle her ass and pussy and I shoved my dick in her a bit. But then I stopped to take some pictures of her for the site and then we just kept on fucking. Rusty is not much of a moaner but she is a total slut, I fucked all of her holes and she was challenging me to bring as many guys as I could so she could prove herself as the best slut out there. So after fucking her mouth, pussy, and asshole, I came all over her ass so my cum would drip inside her ass and pussy which it did.

Then the guys started arriving and started to join the party. Rusty was naked and open game, so guys just jumped in and took turns on her holes until they dropped 2,3 loads in and on her. One thing she couldn't do anymore was taking it in the ass, my dick had left her asshole sore. After the gangbang I took her back to the hotel where her hubby was waiting to hear about what she had been up to. Rusty had cum still flowing out of her pussy when she arrived at the hotel. I fucked her a little more there in front of her hubby and Im sure he took over and finished her off. Not sure where we will see more of Rusty but I would like to fuck her holes again.



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