Name: Ryan Spears

The Story:

Ryan Spears is a sexy hot girlfriend to one of the members of the site. Apparently, he is a big fan of the site and she found it intriguing enough to try it. Actually, her boyfriend dared her to do it and she went ahead and I think she will be in the lifestyle for a long time to come as she loves to fuck (as you guys will be able to tell).

My friend Tony had her come over to my place to meet up and what not. And she was wearing these tight see thru pants where you could see her pussy if you paid attention. And after taking a few pictures of her, he started to fuck her really good. She is very fit and very flexible and it was hot to see her do unusual positions while getting fucked. She enjoyed herself so much, she wants to become a regular on the site so we will be seeing a lot more of her. Her next step up will be two cocks at the same time.


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