Name: Sadie

Location: Sweden

The Story:

Sadie is a hot girlfriend I met recently on my trip to Europe. Her boyfriend had emailed me from the WCGB site and he told me he really got off on his girlfriend and soon to be wife getting fucked by other men. He told me he enjoyed taking her to clubs and public places and have strangers play with her while he watched. The thought of his girlfriend being a slut and becoming his wife really turned him on but he wasn't 100% sure about having his girl featured on the site. But after getting to know each other better they were ok with it.

So here I am in Stockholm which I had not planned to visit at all. But since there were circumstances in the UK I ended up taking a quick trip with Rynair to the city for just a day. Once I arrived I checked into my hotel and had them come to the hotel bar to talk. She was very excited but a bit nervous about the whole thing since she didn't want people to find out but she figured if they see her here on the site is because they are pervs themselves. So after a few drinks, her boyfriend gave her permission to come up to my room so that I could do whatever I wanted. He came to the room too and watch but eventually left to go back to the bar. Sadie had such beautiful ass and I really got off squeezing that nice tight body of hers not to mention her tight wet pussy. I first ate her out for a while and then she started to suck my cock. I fucked her really good for about an hour or so and since Sadie enjoyed the idea of being filled up with cum, I unloaded a big creampie inside her wet pink pussy. I had actually cummed a little and then came again so this creampie had a cappuccino foamy look to it after being used as lube inside her hot pussy.

Later that night they called me again and ended up fucking her again the next day at her house before going to the UK. I invited them to come to LA so I hope they can make it so I can organize a gangbang for her.




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