Name: Samantha

The Story:

I met Samantha thru my good friend who hooked up with her at a Hollywood club couple of months ago. It was a "porn" party, meaning there were lots of porn stars at the party and because of it, many people in the lifestyle or curious about it show up at these events. And Samantha was one of them, she was there with her man and she was curious about party. My friend introduced himself and told her we were primarily swingers and that pictures and videos came second, and they liked that. She said she had always been very sexual and that her boyfriend enjoyed her being that way and one thing she wanted to do was a threesome on camera and that is where I came in. After exchanging information that night, my friend kept in touch with her and we ended up finally hooking up for the threesome just couple of weeks ago as she travels quite a bit.

When I first met her I complimented her on how beautiful she was and she loved the attention. And after a brief moment I was already making out with her and touching her nice firm ass. But I stopped a bit and made sure I took my pictures and the video, and after I did the necessary sets, we started to tag team her. She loved having two cocks to play with and we fucked her hard and fast just like she wanted to. And after fucking her for some time, we ended up cumming all over her face. After that, we fucked a bit more until it was time for her to go. And I can't wait to fuck her again.



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