Name: Sandy

Location: Los Angeles, originally from Louisiana

Story: Sandy is a girl I contacted while I was in Europe few weeks ago about being on my other site. She said on her profile that she was looking into breaking into the adult modeling world and when I started talking to her she told me it was her boyfriend's idea to do it. So basically she is a slut girlfriend who loves to show off and fuck different guys and her boyfriend enjoys watching her, a perfect match. She told me they had just started in the lifestyle and that she has already done a few guys in front of her boyfriend. In fact, he had talked to her into having two of his friends to fuck her last weekend and she might be working up to more. So maybe we'll even get to do a gangbang with Sandy some day.

Sandy is from the south and she turns me on just by talking. Also, this woman has a beautiful and soft ass, the kind you can sleep on all night. And when I finally had her naked in front of me, I was in heaven. Her boyfriend actually came by and dropped her off but he me he preferred to see the pictures and the videos on the website so I basically had a bit over an hour with her so I could fuck her good. And I wanted to creampie her too but she had just been switching birth control pills so she was afraid of getting knocked up..

So after she came to my place I took some pictures of her and in no time my cock was inside her pretty tight pink pussy. She felt really good and she enjoys having cock inside of her. And I was just getting over a cold but I still fucked her for a good while. I specially enjoyed how she would bounce on my cock and would pull me tight towards her so she could feel all of it inside. In the end I ended up shooting my cum all over her pretty face and hope I will be able to fuck her again sometime soon.



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