Name: Sheila Marie

The Story:

Sheila is a slut girlfriend that we have been fucking for couple of years. Some of you guys might recognize her from another video I did with her for one of my other sites under a different name. But this time she wanted to be more discreet about it as she has been recognized by some of her neighbors. This time, we got Sheila to come to my place for a mini-gangbang sessions while her boyfriend was away. Her man approves of her being a slut but he sometimes doesn't even know what she is up to, as she is very promiscuous and likes to fuck lots of different guys.

Once Sheila got to my place I started to fuck her right away while we were waiting for the other guys to arrive. She told me me she wanted to get fucked by as many guys as I could get that afternoon. But being it was a workday, it was harder to get many more guys so only couple of more guys came to fuck her on their lunch break. We partied with Sheila until it was about time for her to go pick up her boyfriend and the interesting thing is that she was debating whether to tell him or not about getting fucked by a number of different guys. Later that night she called again to get fucked because her boyfriend had leave again but our plan was folded because he decided not to go and was in the mood to fuck her by himself.


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