Name: Sheryl

The Story:

Sheryl is younger hot wife from North Dakota that visiting LA for business. She had sent me a note few months back about the site and I was planning to get together with her on her last trip to LA, but unfortunately I was out of town so I missed her. But this time, the timing was perfect and we finally hooked up. I met Sheryl first for few drinks near the hotel where she was staying and she was actually a bit on the shy side at first. But after talking a bit more, she was able to relax more with me and we ended up meeting couple of days after that.

She came to my place wearing a nice tight skirt and she even had her cowgirl hat on, which made things all the more interesting. So we had had couple of drinks and she told me about her lifestyle, her hubby, etc. She told me she enjoys the variety of being with different men and that her husband gets off on her being slutty and horny for other men. Then we started to make out and I started to feel her up, she was starting to get wet and I started to suck on her tits. I then took out my cameras and took some pictures, etc. Then she got on her knees and started to suck my cock. She would moan while sucking, which made me ever harder. I then started to eat her out to taste her juices and after few minutes of that, I finally stuck my cock in her wet pussy.

Once my cock was inside her, she just went crazy enjoying how I trusted my cock hard in and out of her. And she was so excited and hot that her pussy juices were dripping down my cock. I fucked her really hard and fast just like she wanted it and we did this for a long time, more than an hour of constant hard fucking. I've met many hot wives before but Sheryl stands out for being ultra horny. After fucking her and then cumming all over her face, she licked it all up like it was candy. And then I just kept on fucking her for the rest of the day and I hope I will get to see her again next time she is out in LA. I ended up sending her the video and she told me her hubby enjoyed fucking her while watching me pound his hot wife.



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