Name: Sindi Star

The Story:

A couple of weeks ago, Tony was contacted by a woman who was interested in making a sex tape for her husband to watch. Tony forwarded me some photos that she has sent him and Iím not sure but for some reason, she reminds me of either a pornstar from the 80s or a valley girl from the 80s. Anyways, the woman, named Sindi, told Tony that she has never been monogamous and that she has always had a small group of male lovers on the side. She told her husband before they got married that this was the way she was and this is the way should would always be.

In the past, Sindi would sometimes let her husband watch her sexual escapades but her lovers were starting to get annoyed with it so she decided to have a sexual encounter recorded so that he could watch it over and over again. She didnít seem to mind that we would be posting it up on the internet so long as she got her copy so it seemed like Tony and Sindi would be doing each a favor.

Sindi is very experienced and didnít seem to have any limits so Tony started right in. Now it does seem that Sindi was being extra vocal and dramatic but I think she was doing that to make sure that her husband would enjoy the sex tape. In the end, Tony decided to shoot his load all over her ass so that his sperm would drip down her ass and into her pussy.


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