Name: Skye

The Story:

Skye is a hot wife all the way from Australia. She and her husband were members of the site and sent me a note about being on it. And I was supposed to meet her right before I went to my trip to Thailand but I got so busy I did not have time to fuck her so I had to cancel on her. But I asked my buddy to take over and gave him my cameras so he could video tape her while he fucked her in front of her husband.

So couple of days after I left, my friend invited them over to my place to meet her and to fuck her. Skye was a bit disappointed at first she did not get to meet me (since I guess I am sort of like the main character of the site) but I told her we would catch up when I got back (I have not gone home yet) so we'll see. However, she liked my friend anyway because she liked his dick and after all she was happy with the set up. So from what my friend told me, they sat down and chatted a bit and then her husband asked him to start fondling her in front of him. He then started to touch her pussy and finger her while her husband was watching her get off. Then he started the vdideo with a little interview and in less than a minute, Skye was on her knees with a big cock in her mouth and doing what a slut wife was meant to do.

He fucked her for a good while the hubby helped with the video and apparently he made her cum several times too. In the end he wanted to cum inside her but her husband asked him to cum on her face instead and it turned him on more plus he wasn't that much into sloppy seconds. She sent me a thank you note afterwards and she asked me to call her up when I got back so she could thank me personally for allowing her to be a slut for everyone to see.



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