Name: Sophee

The Story:

Sophee is a hot girlfriend from Georgia that came to Los Angeles to visit few weeks ago along with her boyfriend. We had been in touch for few weeks before that and they were really looking forward to coming here and have Sophee be a total slut in front of the camera. Her boyfriend told me she enjoyed everything and that she was submissive, so I basically could do anything I wanted as long as he was there to watch her be a slut. So couple of days after they got to LA and on the same night that I was leaving to Japan for a vacation we got together.

AnywayWe first met at a local bar and after a few drinks we went to a park to talk and stuff. I started to do some of the video there but I almost got caught by the local cops, so I went to a more private place and then back to my apartment to fuck her. And her boyfriend was right, she loves to fuck and loves to please so I basically did anything I could think of with her. I started to fuck her ass after pounding her pussy for a while and I basically stayed there the rest of the night. I fucked and fucked her ass and I loved looking at the sight of expressions of pleasure mixed with the pain of taking me up her ass. And her boyfriend just sat and watch during the whole time. I fucked her a lot until I unloaded inside her ass and afterwards, I kept on fucking her until it was like 3am. And I actually ended up missing my flight to Japan because I got so carried away (see the consequences of sex addiction!) but in a way it was all worth it because these experiences are priceless.


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