Name: Stacy

The Story:

Stacy is a soon to be hot wife that I met couple of weeks ago. Her fiance emailed me first asking me about having her on my sites and at first I wasn't sure if she even knew about the elaborate scenarios he wanted to see her in, but I got her on the phone and she was real so I arranged for her to fly out to Southern California to meet me and my friends.

Once she arrived, I went to pick her up at the airport and then took her to the hotel where she was going to stay. And I could sense that she was very nervous, after all, she came down to LA by herself to do this so we took it slow. Once she got settled in the hotel, we talked some more and then had some wine. And once I felt she was relaxed enough, I started to do her. And I was actually surprised because she went from being very nervous to a total slut in a matter of minutes. I fucked her for a while and then I took her to my friend's place where more guys were there waiting for Stacy. Once there, all the guys started to fuck her and she got fucked hard and good until each and everyone of us came inside her hot pussy. Some of the guys even came twice and she loved all the cum inside of her. The next day, I brought Stacy to my place and this is the video that I did with her that day. She was so horny she still wanted more cock after all that she had gotten the previous night. And I fucked her for a good while until I had to take her back to the airport and gave her couple of more cumshots inside her pussy that she could take back home deep inside. Stacy is a total slut and I also referred my friend in Seattle to fuck and cum inside her too as she simply can not get enough. I am not sure when will be the next time we will be seeing Stacy but I am hoping to arrange a bigger event next time and fill her up with lots of loads of cum.


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