Name: Tara Holiday

The Story:

Mrs. Holiday is a very fit and hot lady who comes to us from the Miami area of Florida. She is originally from the county of Chile and moved to Florida 9 years ago to be able to have a more “open” lifestyle. About 6 years ago, while having casual sex on her balcony with one of her lovers, she had an older gentleman watching her. Eventually that voyeuristic gentleman would go on and date Tara, eventually marring her about a year later. He still enjoys seeing Tara with her male lovers that she knows from the gym or beach and when business brought him out to LA, he made sure to bring her so that she could appear on the website.

Tara arrived at Tony’s place wearing a typical Miami outfit that showed off her hot body; a very small top, tight shorts and high heels. Since Tara is experienced in being watched while enjoying an extra lover, she took quite naturally to having the camera on to record the encounter. After stripping off her clothes to show off her body, she quickly got on her knees to put Tony’s cock in her hungry mouth. She wanted to get Tony as rock hard as possible before he slid inside her. And since she is serious about her sexual encounters, she prefers to go bareback; she told Tony that using condoms is something that teenagers or call-girls do.

Tony was able to hit all the right spots for Tara and she orgasmed more that once during their encounter. She especially enjoyed how deep Tony would go while inside her; she said that she is adding Tony to her little black book even though he lives so far away. Tony pounded this hot wife most of the evening before shooting his load all over her sexy ass; her husband prefers to fuck her afterwards but not when she has been filled by another man’s seed and Tony honored his request that he not fill her with his seed.


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