Name: Tatum

Location: California

The Story:

Tatum is a younger hot wife who emailed me while I was in Europe during the summer. She described how she enjoyed being with other men and how she enjoyed the sites that I had. She also sent me some pictures of her sucking her husband and another getting fucked by a black guy. So when I saw her email, I knew right away she was a real slut and that she was going to be fun. So we kept in touch by email for few weeks until I came back.

Tatum really wanted to be on the site and she told me I could fly her out to LA and do whatever I wished with her. So I flew her into town the weekend I came back and had her stay over at my place, where I fucked her a lot. Her husband enjoyed the fact that Tatum was being "loaned" as a slut for the weekend and he wanted to see a lot of video from it to add to their personal collection of Tatum and her slut adventures. Anyway, here is the morning after she got into town and before taking Tatum to fuck my friends in a gangbang. I fucked her hot pussy for a long time and basically I told her she had to go a "good job" in order for me to call my friends to gang fuck her and she did her best. In the end I came all over her pretty face and that was the first of many more cumshots to cum for her that day.




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