Name: Tia Kush

The Story:

Last month, Tony was contacted by a local couple who wanted to explore the “hot wife/girlfriend” with the boyfriend watching scenario but at a slow pace. They came up with the idea of having it video taped first so that he could watch it or stop it the video if it was too much too fast. Tia told Tony that they decided to pick him because of the experience he has in these situations. With that in mind, Tony set up a date with the girlfriend, Tia, to make a sex video of her having sex with a total stranger for him to watch later.

Tia is in her late twenties and is an exotic mix who lives right here in California. She is a little on the shy side and was a little nervous since this was her first time with “another man” while she was in a serious relationship. Tony was going to help turn her into a hot girlfriend and knew that he would have to go easier on her so that she had a pleasant experience and wouldn’t ruin it for other guys in the future.

In order to get her warmed up to things, Tony turned to the classic trick of giving her oral first to get her worked up and wanting more sex. Sure enough, she relaxed and enjoyed it; she returned the pleasure and took Tony in her mouth. Once Tony was rock hard, she mounted Tony bareback as she is allergic to latex and can’t take condoms inside her. Tony didn’t fuck her hard like he does other sluts, instead he was more like a gentle lover since she was new to all this. In the end, since the sex was bareback and Tia isn’t on birth-control, Tony pulled out and sprayed his cum on her tight body.


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