Name: Vanessa

The Story:

Vanessa is a brand new wife new to the lifestyle. He husband emailed me while I was away to get together so I referred them to couple of my friends to fuck her in front of her husband. She was a little hesitant about being in front of the camera so we suggested she use a mask as she needs to be discreet. Apparently she would shock some people if they knew her plans on becoming a slut wife.

Her husband told me that she had only played with one guy before and that she got so drunk when she did him that she doesn't even remember. So this time was different and since it is on video, they can relive her first time getting two dicks at the same time. Originally I was going to set up a gangbang for her but because she was so unsure about it, we kept it small at couple of guys. Then slowly, we'll make Vanessa crave more and more cocks as that's how slut begin usually anyway.



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