Name: Velvet Lixs

The Story:

I met Velvet just earlier this week after being in touch with her since last month. I wanted to go out where she lives and meet her but I just didn't have the time. But she was in LA recently with her boyfriend and they planned to come by my place to get together for some fun.

Velvet wants to basically have her own website and her boyfriend wants to build it and shoot her with others guys. They have been together for something like 8 years, so they are a long term partnership and they got started in the lifestyle a few years ago. She likes being with guys more than women and her man enjoys her being slutty so it's a perfect union. Anyway, they came by my place and we had a chance to talk about the sites, the videos, etc. And we decided to do this shoot right then and there since it would take another few weeks for me to get out where she is from or them out in LA again. So I took some pictures of her first and then I just started to do her in front of the camera. She really enjoyed getting fucked hard and I made sure I gave her a good pounding so she would come back for more in the future. And after fucking her for about an hour or so, I unloaded my cum all over Velvet's face, where she wanted it the most.

She told me she would have a site soon, so when she does, I'll post it on the link section.


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