Name: Vistoria

The Story:

Victoria is a swinger wife I met in December, just prior to going on my trip abroad. He husband is the one that contacted me and basically told me that it would be a big turn on for both him and Victoria if she could be on the website, and I of course told him that it would be my pleasure to fuck his wife on camera and show the world. Victoria and her hubby have been married for 8 years and he basically enjoys watching her with different men often. She told me they started in the lifestyle about a year into their marriage, but for the most part it has been mostly her doing the fucking as he enjoys watching her with others rather than fucking other girls himself.

So few days after her husband emailed me, I talked to Victoria on the phone and she came down from Lancaster to visit me for an afternoon. And I think she was a bit nervous in the beginning because of the camera, but once I had my cock out, she let lose and enjoyed my cock in her mouth and in her pussy. And I fucked her a lot.. I fucked her for like 4 hours and came inside her couple of times and she enjoyed it a lot too, as you can tell from the video.

She said she normally didn't have guys fuck her bareback or cum in her, so this was kind of new to her and that it excited her a lot. After we were done, she took a quick shower but said she left then cum inside her so she could show her hubby what she had done that afternoon.. and I am sure her hubby ended up fucking her too that day after seeing his wife's pussy full of other man's cum.



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