Name: Viktoria

The Story:

A few months, I had some guy email me asking me if I could help him video tape his girlfriend with another man. I told him that I could help under the conditions that I get to post it on the internet and that I knew a reliable guy that would do his girlfriend very well. Months passed without a reply so I assumed he didn’t like those conditions, but just last month, he contacted me again and said that would work and that he would be sending her out to LA in a few weeks. His girlfriend is named Viktoria and she is originally from Russia but they both live in New York City now. When I asked him why he didn’t look locally for a guy out there, he said that he wanted to make sure that if his girlfriend liked it too much, she wouldn’t be able to do it that often. I guess he is still new to all this.

Viktoria showed up to Tony’s after freshening up a bit in her hotel room, and was very giggly; so I knew she was new to this as well. She told us that in the past, her boyfriend was happy just hearing about her past sexual experiences but that he asked recently if she would be interested in being with another man. She said she thought it was a trick and that she has always wanted to but that she acted shyly to not arouse suspecion. She said that she always liked the variety of men that were available in New York City and that she would be excited to get to be with more men again.

Even though Viktoria has been with many men in the past, she had never done it in front of a camera so she was a bit awkward but Tony was able to adjust. He had planned on giving her a long pounding but since she wasn’t used to having sex for longer than 15 minutes, she was getting sore just after 30 minutes. Since Tony wanted to make sure that they would be happy with the video, he wrapped things up and pulled out and shot his load. Tony said that even though he just fucked this guy’s girlfriend, he was still a gentleman and would not knock her up without his permission.


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