Heidi is a slut girlfriend my friend found couple of weeks ago and invited over to his place to fuck. I was actually going to fuck her too as we were going to double team her and possibly double penetrate her, but I had some girlfriend issues in the last minute and had to cancel my appearance (yes, this man has a jealous girlfriend). So my buddy had her all to himself that night since I just couldn't get away to come fuck her.

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About Hot Wives and Girlfriends

I have been a big lover of married and single sluts since I can remember. The first time I saw a swingers magazine with an ad by a hot wife looking for men to fuck I thought it was a fake. In my mind a married woman or a committed woman having sex outside of her main relationship was really hot. However, at that time I simply refused to believe hot wives even existed and I thought the whole magazine was just a scam to get my money. But as I discovered the internet and got more exposed to swingers, I realized this whole hot wife/girlfriend thing is reality, it is a lifestyle.

So I began to make myself available to hot wives and girlfriends on the net, swinger magazines, and other events. I stated to set up sex parties where slut wives would come to get fucked by me and my friends and that eventually turned into West Coast Gangbangs. I never really intended to have websites on any of the stuff I was doing but since I saw the internet as a way to get to more slut wives, I did a crash course on how to build a site and I learned it all by myself and in few months I was already running the first gangbang site for girls to come to get gangbanged. And for those that are familiar with me or the sites I have started, things sort of grew from West Coast Gangbangs into other things. And four years later, I decided to do this website dedicated to all the married or in relationship sluts to come and get fucked and to show off. I decided to do this site not out of desire to make a buck (that has never been a goal of mine for any of the sites I have created), but to create a place for people who like me LOVE hot wives and girlfriends. It is my intention to add pictures and videos of my encounters or my friends encounters with them and to add resources to promote this lifestyle. I am fortunate for the fact I get to do this site on something I truly like and I hope you guys will enjoy this as well. If you have stories, pictures, information, etc. to share about this lifestyle, please feel free to send them to me at swinger1 at gmail dot com and if you are a hot wife or in a relationship and want to be on this site please let me know. I can get together by myself, with friends for private parties or shoots for this site. Also, for those that need to be discreet, you can wear a mask for the shoots.

I want to make this site the best in it's niche. I am not doing this to make a buck or just to get laid, I am doing this site because I know this is something I will enjoy forever, so wish me luck in making this site the very best in it's niche.

My First Experience with a Hot Wife

The first time I met a hot wife was in April 1998 at the Edgewater Hotel in Oakland, CA. I had just gotten on the internet at that time, about three months total online and I turned this fantasy of mine of fucking the girls I was chatting with online into reality. Basically, I joined Adult Friend Finder  back when it had 600,000 members or so (I think they have now 20 million or something like that) and I searched and searched for slutty women. And I found this mature hot wife who called herself the "hostess of love" of San Francisco and after sending my pictures, she approved and had me book a room at the Edgewater. And I remember I flew to San Francisco just for this from LA and I remember when checking into that hotel that it was somewhat different from others. After being a few minutes on premises, I noticed naked people at the pool and I realized I had just checked into a swinger's hotel to my delight.

I waited for her for few hours as our meeting was a 10pm. And in the meantime I walked around and was just shocked and amazed at how many people were freely fucking. I knew the place was the real deal and when 10pm, the hostess of love came into my room. We made small talk for few minutes and she told me her husband was at home and that he knew she was cumming to see me. I was a bit perplexed by the idea but very excited and after a drink, she just asked me if she could take a look at my cock and take a picture for her "collection". And after snapping a few, she put her warm wet lips on my hard cock. I was thrilled, a blow job from a woman I had just met!! which defied the notion that women were not "that easy" after years of hitting the club and bar scene. We then started at it and we fucked for hours. Her favorite position was riding my cock and at the end we had spectators outside the window, asking me if they could come in and help out. I even got phone calls from the other rooms. She was with me for about 3 hours and she asked me to call her up next time I was in the bay area to fuck her some more.

After she left, I got inspired by what had just happened and decided I would pursue as many slutty women as I could while I could, specially hot wives and girlfriends and the rest is history.

What is a Hot Wife?

The swinging term hot wife refers to married women who have sex with men other than their spouses with their husband's consent. In most cases the husbands of these women will enjoy watching, hearing or knowing about their wife's adventures. There are also husbands that are cuckolds who enjoy the humiliation of their wives being satisfied by other men.

Hot Wife Gear

For the most part, hot wives and slutty girlfriends carry a sexual aura with them that I think most men could pick up. You know, that very sexy married woman, the flirting girl who has a boyfriend, etc. all have something slutty about them and is hard to pin point what it is. But some offer physical clues and the most typical ones are the hot wife anklets and high heels. Usually, at swing clubs this is how they signal that they are available for fucking other men.

Husbands, Boyfriends, and Cuckolds

I have met them all throughout the years. I would say the most common is the husband or boyfriend who simply just gets off to the idea of their woman being a slut. I think many if not most guys have this fantasy but only a few carry it out but encouraging their wives and girlfriends to fuck others. For the most part they are straight guys who simply love being with a slut. You also get the bisexual ones who encourage their wives to fuck other men as a way for them to get close to guys, this happens more in the interracial hot wife scene. And I personally have nothing against them, just not my cup of tea.

We also have the cuckolds, the guys who enjoy being humiliated for having small dicks, low sexual energy or whatever. And their women fucking around with other men makes them feel humiliated but yet full of sexual arousal.

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