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I met Isabella thru a buddy of mine who like me also loves hot wives and girlfriends. And few weeks ago he met Isabella and he introduced her to me so I could put her up on my website. And man she is hot.. I went to pick her up at the hotel where she was staying by Beverly Hills and then I took her to the park there to take some pictures. And if it was because there were so many cars passing by, I would... Hot Girlfriend

One of the hot wives I've been fucking every time I get a chance to is Stacie. And this time, I got together again few weeks ago after she came back from Australia. She is always so horny and ready to try new things and that is what I enjoy about getting together with her the most. She is uninhibited and enjoys showing off how much of a slut wife she is. Her husband wrote me ahead of time and he told me he wanted me to fuck her in the ass this time, so I made sure I fucked her ass deep and good. Hot Wife

Heidi is a slut girlfriend my friend found couple of weeks ago and invited over to his place to fuck. I was actually going to fuck her too as we were going to double team her and possibly double penetrate her, but I had some girlfriend issues in the last minute and had to cancel my appearance (yes, this man has a jealous girlfriend). So my buddy had her all to himself that night since I just couldn't get away to come fuck her. Slut Girlfriend

Druuna is a very hot woman I met just this past weekend. She is in a long term relationship and she has been swinging for several years. I first tried to hook up with her when I was in the East Coast last October but because of time, we simply did not have the chance to connect then. But to my luck, she was in California visiting for a few days and we met for coffee after her meeting with a friend. And from there, we went and got a hotel where we ended up doing this video. .... Hot Girlfriend

I met Samantha thru my good friend who hooked up with her at a Hollywood club couple of months ago. It was a "porn" party, meaning there were lots of porn stars at the party and because of it, many people in the lifestyle or curious about it show up at these events. And Samantha was one of them, she was there with her man and she was curious about party. My friend introduced himself and told her we were primarily swingers and that pictures and videos came second, and they liked that. . .... Hot Girlfriend

I first heard of Kayla when a girl that I was dating talked about doing a video with her on a video shoot for some adult company. And then after couple of months, a friend of mine told me again about her and how I should featured her on the site. He told me he had partied with her in private and that she was a genuine swinger where her boyfriend enjoys watching her or knowing of situations where she is with other guys. So my friend passed on her email to me, and I sent her a note back in November or December. .... Hot Girlfriend

Ruby is a very hot slut girlfriend who I met in Las Vegas last month around the convention time. She has a boyfriend who likes to see her fuck other guys and he contacted me about her when he saw that I was going to Las Vegas with the guys. He wanted to see her gangbanged but Ruby wanted to take it slow at first, so on our first meeting, we met at the hotel lounge of the Venetian and we talked there for a while. Her boyfriend wanted me to fuck her by myself first, .... Hot Girlfriend

Brina is a hot wife from Virginia who was visiting Las Vegas few weeks ago. One of the guys from our gangbang group met her on a social networking site and they had been in touch for couple of months. She basically loves to fuck other guys and her husband loves to watch her fuck, and she is hoping to do some adult videos too since she enjoys to show off too. So after being in Vegas couple of days .... Hot Wife

Summer is a hot slut girlfriend from Reno who came to Southern California few weeks ago to be on video for the site and for her personal video collection. Her boyfriend and her started writing to me after seeing my site on a hot wife blog, and she wanted to be on the site and be a total slut girlfriend for the whole world to see. She also wanted to explore into doing more videos .... Hot Girlfriend

Victoria is a swinger wife I met in December, just prior to going on my trip abroad. He husband is the one that contacted me and basically told me that it would be a big turn on for both him and Victoria if she could be on the website, and I of course told him that it would be my pleasure to fuck his wife on camera and show the world. Victoria and her hubby have been married for 8 years and .... Hot Wife

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